Friday, 11 March 2011


Well I could have sworn that I followed this gentleman, but I never un-follow anyone. So I guess not.  BARE comes from LA, and he is quite filthy. Just my style of dubstep, he has some great tracks. So get on the old soundcloud and give him some ears.  No free DL's with BARE. Enjoy......


 BARE & MUFFLER - BLOODSPORT (forthcoming Subhuman) by BARE

 BARE - KOMBAT (forthcoming subhuman) by BARE

Thursday, 10 March 2011

New dubstep smash sesh !

its not the way to do it - mixtape by Jibralter -

just a little dubstep mixtape for your candies , got some bass necty , gleb star and flux pavillion , fitting samples and switch-ups , a couple minor glitches but im sure it'll be alrite .

Jillian Ann and Love & Light - Know Us (Ravager Drumstep Remix)

This little gem I was shocked with a couple days ago on my excruciating search for sick new drumstep. I showed it to a couple friends got some great reactions and whadda ya know ? It's up on ye blog in no time. Brought to us by Simplify Recordings and thier dubstep, glitch, and drum and bass via Ravager anyone in thier right mind will be flailing to this for many days to come.

Jillian Ann and Love & Light - Know Us (Ravager Drumstep Remix) by Simplify Recordings


Well here is a guy who has recently been blowing my mind. At only 17 this kid has been tearing it up for the past year or so. Mixing some of the sickest fast paced dubstep I have heard, out of Exeter UK he certainly deserves some props. Still unsigned according to his soundcloud bio this kid deffinatly has the makings of a dope ass dj. Hopfully this write up can get his talent on everyones soundcloud and bumpin' through some subwoofers. This guy should be followed closely with great expectations.
Now here are a few of my favs from him. Let the eargasms begin!

Biometrix Gentlemen (Robo Jo-Jo Up Beat RemixEdit) Free Download by Robo Jo-Jo
Now That You've Gone (Remake) by Biometrix
Echoes Of My Dreams [192kbps] by Biometrix

FEATURED: High Rankin - America Fuck Yeah Mix

High Rankin - America Fuck Yeah Mix (Free Download) by High Rankin

Hmmm, what can I say about this guy coming out of Britain? That he is a hilarious guy who makes some pretty massive tracks? I seriously want to meet this guy one day, his BIO on soundcloud will make you understand what I am talking about. Found this track on the daily scour, and I fell in love after the first drop. So give him a follow, and give that soundcloud dashboard of yours some random fun. Little down turned arrow on side of soundcloud player is your free DL.


Not much is known about this fella here, i only recently discovered him about an hour ago after he randomly decided to share one of his new tracks with me. And hollly hell was i surprised by what i heard next. With tracks that range from dubstep to electro to drum and bass, to.. melodic house music, i was really impressed and and do a feature on him, so give these tracks a listen! then after yoour done here, go and hit his soundcloud up and be sure to follow him!

Hello - DEAD BATTERY Dubstep Remix (Downloadlink in Description) by DEAD BATTERY
Download Link -


Stay in Time [Preview] by DEAD BATTERY


Remember to visit his sound cloud page and follow him to keep posted on what he does.. while your at it, why not visit his facebook page, and press the little like button!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The title says it is my current fave four freebie tracks. And believe me, i go through ALOT of songs.. so these tracks here are the cream of the crop as far as im concerned!

First off, we have a glitchy dubstep banger from Dr. Knobz, I grew up listening to Gangstas i just had to post this up!

Bil Bless vs Coolio - Exp 3 vs Gangsta's Paradise (Dr.Knobz Re-Edit) by Dr.Knobz

Second up is a HEAVYYY drumstep remix by Jiza, of dipset's "Salute". I can almost guarantee that you will be seeing more from him grace these pages again.

Dipset - Salute (Jiza Edit) by cigsandcoffee

Third up is a funky mashup of Basement Jaxx's - Oh my gosh, with Malente's - Dont let them see you smile..done up by Wood 'N' Soo.

Oh My Gosh! (Wood 'n' Soo Don't Smile blend) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Wood 'n' Soo

And lastly, is a bangin electro/fidget track brought to you by Nation. Another group you will more than likely see grace these walls again.

Mr Tools - The Pyramid (Nation Remix) by NĪ›TiON



Coming out of GERMANY...Noizy Naybors released a small mixtape on soundcloud a week or two ago. I have to say it was pretty wicked. Little more on the electro side, these guys still deliver bangers. So tick that follow box on soundcloud, and enjoy their sounds. That little down turned arrow means a free DL. 

FEATURED : We Bang - Monsta

TUFF016 - We Bang - Monsta by WeBang
The name is no lie.
Nominated as dubsteps breakthrough artist of the year for 2010 on beatport, We Bang is a product of dubstep sound's filtered through 80's synths and rave stabs, wrapped in heavy bass. Guaranteed not to dissapoint, I consider him one of my new fave dubstep producers. And i can assure you that we will be seeing more from him in the future.


Hello and thank you for visiting. Making it a little more global, so give an email to me, this will make you able to post. This will bring only the finest and freshest of tracks that make it on the blog wall. Feel free to comment, and tell your friends! We launched a little pre mature, so be patient with the low postings until we establish members.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I figured that this french duo was deemed worthy enough for our first featured artist position. Upon first listen i fell in love with there heavy fidgety electro basslines and just HAD to spread the word. This here is only a fraction of there many good tracks. So after your done listening to them, head over to there soundcloud, click the follow button, and enjoy the rest of there bangin tunes!

Haezer - Dominator - (SnapCrack rmx) by SnapCrack
Redial - Venom - (Snapcrack remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by SnapCrack
Tambour Battant - YO! - (SnapCrack rmx) by SnapCrack
SnapCrack - Crack Down - Original mix - FREE DOWNLOAD by SnapCrack

Here's the link to download Crack Down (right click, save target as) -

FEATURED: LebelgeElectrod ft TitanEye - The Architectonic Of The Human Emotions

LBE ft TitanEye - The Architectonic Of The Human Emotions by LebelgeElectrod / Anecdot
Lebelge Electrod!
Okay, ive been in love with everything this man has done ever since i first heard "the Anger of The Bonobo Violent". He resides out of Mons, Belgium and is one third of the Belgium dubstep group Ganja White Knight. Everything he does i love, and i wish i could just post all of his songs up right now...but i dont wanna do that to you. So just go ahead and listen to this drumstep banger, then visit his soundcloud page and check out his other gems. Most of which are up for download!

Aaren San - Apes From Space - Dirtyloud Remix - (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)

Aaren San - Apes From Space - Dirtyloud Remix - (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub) - 320kps FREE DOWNLOAD by KraftyKuts
The original track "Apes From Space" is from a great producer called Aaren San, it was then remixed by the Brazil duo Dirtyloud and released as a free download. Finally, it was then downloaded by Krafty Kuts and given the famous krafty re-rub.

FEATURED: Korah - Stimulate

Stimulate *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Korah

I stumbled across little drumstep/Drum N Bass gem last night during my usual late night soundcloud trolling. If you haven't heard of Korah before, then i suggest you get acquainted with him fast, and follow him VIA Soundcloud. He reigns out of Calgary, Alberta and has some serious producing skills, proving it track after track. I know your going to want to own this song after you hear it so here is a download link in case the limit is already reached!

Download Here:



Just recently I came across this guy coming from London, Britain. Apparently he started making dubstep style music while going to college and decided to stick with it. Fortunately for us, he did. This track is pretty unique and the flute sample at the beginning is pretty dope. He has a bunch of tracks on soundcloud, I haven't had the pleasure of going through them all at this moment, but I encourage you to do so. Follow him as well.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Featured: Stamusic - Shiny Day Mixtape

Featured: Stamusic. Shiny day Mixtape by Stamusic.

This guy is wickedly fresh. We found him when gandering soundcloud for Drum step style music, and he was the first to come up. Coming out of Hungry hes considered himself an Amateur but he mixes like a pro. One of my personal favorite up and coming artists for sure.This mix is a little bit of everything he has posted in the past little bit. Free DL on his Soundcloud account. Definitely worth following as well.

We Are Up!

Welcome everyone! We are live if you will. To start off, there will be a featured artist and posts to his/her music. We will do concert listings for the Mainland here in Vancouver, as well as the Interior such as Kelowna and so forth. This is still a music blog as much as information about these events so feel free to comment and get a discussion going on the songs. This is a small project so bare with the slow moving posts at the beginning.....