Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The title says it is my current fave four freebie tracks. And believe me, i go through ALOT of songs.. so these tracks here are the cream of the crop as far as im concerned!

First off, we have a glitchy dubstep banger from Dr. Knobz, I grew up listening to Gangstas i just had to post this up!

Bil Bless vs Coolio - Exp 3 vs Gangsta's Paradise (Dr.Knobz Re-Edit) by Dr.Knobz

Second up is a HEAVYYY drumstep remix by Jiza, of dipset's "Salute". I can almost guarantee that you will be seeing more from him grace these pages again.

Dipset - Salute (Jiza Edit) by cigsandcoffee

Third up is a funky mashup of Basement Jaxx's - Oh my gosh, with Malente's - Dont let them see you smile..done up by Wood 'N' Soo.

Oh My Gosh! (Wood 'n' Soo Don't Smile blend) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Wood 'n' Soo

And lastly, is a bangin electro/fidget track brought to you by Nation. Another group you will more than likely see grace these walls again.

Mr Tools - The Pyramid (Nation Remix) by NĪ›TiON

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SOPE said...

corey ur killing this blog with the concepts. keep it up. all these tracks are fucking sick. keep it up bro. WE PARTNERS from here on out. i have shirts being made for when i go out clubbin. send u one.